Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Poster Brief Poster Creation.

This is the first poster that I started work on. I think the design is really powerful and has a lot of impact because of the repeat pattern. Initially the raindrops were too intense and I think they look a lot better after the opacity had been altered.

Next I made this to see what it would look like with a more minimalistic appearance, I don't think it is as successful as the one before as it is too bare. I think the varying opacity is interesting but also a bit distracting from the text.

Here is my third poster. Initially I started work with the grey raindrops but I felt that it was a bit dull. After replacing it with the blue I feel it looks better but still needs work on the composition in order to be successful. Even though I really like the concept so it could be developed further.

I love the simplicity of colour of this design, as I think it has a really classy appearance. The only thing I am considering is if it is too simple. I will develop this further to try and add more interest without compromising the high impact look it has now.

Raindrops have been added now to give another level to the design. I have also gone for a more monochrome colour scheme in this poster, I think it works well with the drops but the type has became slightly illegible.

A lot of development has gone on to get to this point. I started by adding an outer glow on the raindrops to help them stand out on the darker background. I also brought in the cloud which I think is a big improvement as it adds interest and balances out the composition. I finally added a block down the centre, finished with a gradient, to make the text more readable on the background. I am really happy with this design, I think it is my favourite so far.

This is my final design, I wanted to experiment with just text. I like how the different typeface accentuate some of the words. I added a gradient onto the background which helps to give the impression of falling rain.

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