Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Post Card Creation.

Constructing my postcards was a lot easier than my zines, for the obvious example of size, amount of contact and the fact that I already had the imagery and design style to work with. I started by choosing my main image from each piece that I thought summed up the overall theme.
The hardest part of this construction was drawing out the grid to fit the maximum number of images into the composition in a balanced way. I divided up the space equally in order to achieve this.
I then started to arrange the images within the grid and duplicating them to fit the pattern. I did a lot of readjusting so that they lined up perfectly to create a uniform look.
After I had placed a fair few I started rotating the pieces to create the pattern, these had to placed differently than the others in order for them to appear correct.
After completing the whole grid I experimented with the opacity as I think the pure colour is too powerful and overpowering. I looked at a few different levels to see what would work best.
I then added the background to my piece which was the same as the cover of my corresponding zine. I chose to do this to keep consistency between the two.
Afterwards I added a sample of some torn paper to add another level to the composition. I experimented with moving it around to find the best positioning.
I finally looked at creating a focal point in the piece by upping the opacity on one of the images. I think this works really well and finishes off the postcard successfully. 

I then moved on to the reverse side of the postcard carrying on with using the backgrounds from the original zine, although on this one I used the colour from the inside pages.
When I got the correct colour I then inserted the lines that I used on the edges of my pages around the outside of the box to create a frame.

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