Thursday, 2 February 2012

Group Crit Feedback.

Today we had a group crit where lots of statements were made about all the work that was displayed. Here is what was said.

  • Unclear of audience
  • Context
  • Where/what/why?
  • Interesting concept
  • Is it what it says it is?
  • Visually consistant
  • Audience
  • Are you being inventive enough?
  • How would you justify what you produced?
  • How the eye travels
  • What reaction are you expecting?
  • Repetitive
  • Doing things for the sake of it

I didn't find this crit as useful as I have some others mainly because there isn't much clarity. For example, with my work it is hard to tell whether it is thought to be visually consistent in a good way or repetitive?

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