Friday, 11 January 2013

Brewery Designs.

Initial Drawings

I started this design process by doing some hand drawing. This is something I don't do very often and should probably try and incorporate into my design process a lot more. My theme for this design was fire to link with the name of the beer and that was the inspiration behind my sketches. I looked at the shape of flames, realistic and abstract and also things associated with fire like the phoenix.

Pattern Development

I decided to go with the abstract look as I felt it would be the easiest to replicate into a pattern and would also give a lot of impact because of the strong shapes and contrasting colour. I looked at a few variations and I felt the ones with similar tones were most effective.

Label Development

I chose deep red and oranges as they contrasted well with the crisp, white type. I started with a lot of imagery with the trident and the banner which I felt looked to overpowering, especially with the rich colours. I then altered the typeface to something less bold that seemed more approachable. I also dulled the colours which I feel makes the design a lot more appealing.

Completed Label

For my completed label I added all the necessary type and logos and also added a different trident that I felt linked well with the the chosen typeface as it was in a similar hand rendered style.

Additional Merchandise

I then applied my label onto a bottle and demonstrated how it would be viewed from varying angles. I also added extra ephemera like the bottle cap and beer mat.

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