Thursday, 17 January 2013

ISTD Screen Prints.

These are the results from my screen printing session. Some went better than others and I felt I got better with practice. On my first go I made the mistake of not blocking off the edges of my screen so the ink got transferred through that space as well. I initially just used one screen at a time on each print to see how each turned out. I also experimented with using multiple inks to get a different effect. I now wish I had used more of the grey ink as I think it works with the image very successfully. I then experimented with overlaying the type and image on top of each other to reflect the designs I have already done. I am very happy with these and I will use one of them for my final pack. I decided to use just the elephant on my t-shirt as I felt the type as well was unnecessary. Even though I think the green colour top works well with the theme, I feel the print on the white top looks the best. Over all I am very happy with these results and I look forward to doing it again.

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