Monday, 14 January 2013

ISTD Logo Development.

I decided that I wanted to change my logo design as I felt my previous option was too busy and cluttered and I thought a more simplistic look would be better for the designs that I have now done. I focused on a linear look where the type could be incorporated fluidly.

I am much happier with these two options as I feel they have a much more classic and stylish look. Initially I preferred the sunset design but as I applied it to my postcards I felt the composition didn't look very appealing. I was happy with the second design but I felt it needed developing to make it more unique to my brand. 

I am now really happy with this completed look and it was great when I discovered that I could apply the letters to the grid. I feel that this is now a lot more personal to my specific brand and even though the letters have been added the appearance is still simplistic and eye-catching.

When I started applying my logo to my postcards I wanted the colour to fit with the rest of the design. I found the white was bright but it was not as legible as the darker green and I like the idea of the logo colour being interchangeable between the different travel themes. As a final decision I have incorporated them both as the white is a lot more readable placed on the darker colour and also gives an area of focus.

This is what my logo looks like applied to my products. On the back I have applied it to the top right corner in reference to stamps, so it has another link to the postcard theme. On the front I have gone for a more subtle look as I want the majority of focus to be on the image and text. I would like to foil on this side to give a more luxurious feel.

These are the colours that I would use for my other postcards. I think the interchangeable nature has worked successfully as they all remain legible and even with the varying colour the brand is still clear.

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