Thursday, 17 January 2013

Responsive Interim Crit.

I found that for this crit I had a greater amount of work than most people because of my earlier submission date. I am really glad that I had this shorter deadline because it pushed me to get this brief finished and out of the way. I think because all of my work had been done I got some good in depth feedback. I was happy with what I received, the only bit of confusion was with the gender of the target audience, as the people critting thought it was for male and female when in fact it was just for women. This is something I will make sure is clear for the final crit.

My Feedback:

Group Feedback:
  • Has the potential product range been fully exploited?
  • Has the content of delivery been considered?
  • Has the audience or gender been considered?
  • How much information is needed?
  • Clarity of presentation and organisation?

Action Plan:
  • Further mock-ups

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