Wednesday, 9 January 2013

ISTD Initial Web Designs.

I have started work on planning my website and have done a few initial scamp designs. The first I decided was too basic and I don't think the list format would be very engaging for the audience. I then decided that I would like to use colour to differentiate the separate experiences so each circle would be easily recognisable, I plan to also use these colours on the postcards to bring both the print and web aspects together. I also developed the hover link buttons so that each would have a linking illustration to its corresponding experience and when hovered the word would appear. I then came up with the idea of a sliding gallery of my postcards where the user could go through and click, although this is an interesting idea I don't think it would be very easy to use and could be quite time consuming. I finally came up with having the circular links down the side of the page that would remain there, leading to easier navigation.

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