Sunday, 17 February 2013

Batiste Bottle Application.

I then took my designs and applied them to the bottles themselves, shadows were added to give form.

Orange Blossom

I firstly looked at the scale I wanted my pattern to be and I was surprised in what a difference there was.  I felt that the small option looked to busy so that was discarded and I thought that the close up version gave a really interesting view so I continued with that composition.

I then applied the standard batiste banner and experimented with different colour variations where I felt the orange, even though there wasn't much contrast, still worked the best. After deciding on the colour I then added other graphics. I felt that the blossom illustration was necessary to get across the scent more clearly.

Next I looked at type and decided on a font that I thought would be the most suitable for the scent. With the one I chose I liked the delicate, hand written style. I then applied this typeface to other areas and experimented with the composition.

Fruits of the Forest

Tutti Fruity


Completed Bottles

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