Thursday, 14 February 2013

Parfumeur Partner Contract.

Individual form

Joint contract form


  • both organised
  • both good with time management
  • both interested in the target audience
  • both interested in the perfume topic
  • will both research
  • will both motivate
  • will both give feedback
  • we both want to improve our skills
  • we both want to expand the brief
  • we are both dedicated

  • Tani has skills in production
  • I have skills within illustration
  • Tani will handle the documents
  • I will plan our time and monitor our progress
  • Tani will research into structural research
  • I will research into applied design
  • Tani can create the real life nets
  • I can create digital mock-ups
  • Tan can do print processes
  • I can focus on digital and web


  • learning new skills set
  • utilise your partners skills
  • concepts and ideas from two perspectives
  • you can always blame someone else
  • confidence to take risks
  • professional, personal integrity
  • different responsibilities
  • shared workload

  • disagreements
    • style
    • design decisions
    • money
  • workload
    • in brief
    • broader practice
  • having to compromise
  • bad communication

Action plan

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