Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Batiste Geometric Experiments.

Because the geometric trend has appeared to be very popular throughout my research I have decided to do some experiments. I have found the shapes and how they can be arranged to create a pattern very interesting, especially the three dimensional forms.

I really like the three dimensional appearance of this shape and the optical illusion it creates. Because of this aspect I think it will attract the audience and draw them in to the product. I have also experimented with how the shape can interact in a repeat pattern. I like the last option the best as I like how it creates a structural look with how the pieces fit together. Although the round option is also interesting and could look good if all the pentagons linked together.

This was a very complex form to create as it was difficult to get the correct measurements of the cubes and also have the interweaving aspects fit together as one. It was also hard to get my head around the shading of the pieces to get a realistic three dimensional look. I am very pleased with how the end result has turned out as like the pattern before I think it has an interesting quality that can draw the eye.

Initially I liked this design without the colour as I liked how the form fit together, although when I added colour I felt it looked too blocky and I wanted some white to break it up a bit. This is why I decided to deconstruct it slightly and rearrange the pieces and I feel that even though they are now more simplistic the overall look is better. I especially like the triangle pattern and I like how the white space is reflected under the 3D shape.

When I first created this shape I really like how it came together when I added the colour and I thought the form was really interesting. Although I think it looks more successful as a single shape, as when I started to repeat I don't think it looks as successful. Because of this I doubt I will use it when I develop my designs further.

I really like this pattern, even though it isn't three dimensional I really like the simplicity and how the pieces fit together. I think I prefer the first pattern more as i like how the centre aspect points in different directions and the white space that highlights the shapes.

With this shape I have experimented with opacity and I really like the effect it has created. Although at the moment I have looked at how it can be repeated, I think this is something I will develop further as the floral appearance it gives I think will fit with a lot of scents and therefore has a lot of potential for my designs.

I think this is my least favourite of them all. Even though I quite like the shape created it reminds me a lot of a sweet bag and the limited scope for colour isn't very exciting. 

This is a very simplistic design but I like how the application of colour can be altered to create a very retro appearance.

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