Thursday, 28 February 2013

Type and Grid Workshop Three.

Construction of grids

  • before you can make a grid you must know what you're making it for
  • in industry you will know your stock, size, quality, print methods beforehand
  • thumbnail sketches will make the final design of layout more productive
  • thumbnail sketches should be proportionate to the final outcome
  • before drawing consider the number of columns
  • more columns gives you more scope for design and layout
  • 2 columns could be subdivided into 4
  • 3 columns opportunities for arranging and accommodating text and illustrations in numerous sizes
  • a 3 column grid could be subdivided into a 6 column arrangement
  • disadvantages of 6 column are that the lines of text will be narrow and a small typeface would have to be used
  • for statistics, figures, graphs and trend line publications use 4 columns per page
  • 4 columns can be subdivided into 8, 16 etc
  • the width of a column dictates the size of typeface used
  • the rule, the narrower the column the smaller the typeface

  • make a variety of thumbnails of layout designs
  • do not just rely on one set of thumbnails
  • enlarge a section of appropriate thumbnail by 1:1
  • compare them and select and repeat process until you are confident with the design
  • it is about generation of ideas

Apply type to columns
  • the first line must fit flush to the top limit of the column grid
  • the last line must stand on the bottom limit
  • it is difficult to find the final solution the first time around
  • it could mean that your grid field is to high or to low
example 1
  • 10pt type - 15pt leading
  • column length 15cm
  • loosely means use 15pt leading
  • at this length there must be 10 lines per field
  • meaning 30 lines every 15cm
  • the depth of my field assertions how many 10pt type lines I have
example 2
  • caption text - 4pt type, 6pt leading
  • header and footer tet - 7pt type, 10pt leading
  • body text - 10pt type, 13pt leading

Type and Picture
  • A4 format
  • 8 & 20 grid fields
  • 8 grid fields are used for advertising material and brochures
  • the grid is only an instrument in which you, a designer, can make interesting and balanced designs
  • 20 field grid has quite a large scope for idea solutions
  • there are 42 possible layout options

  • concertina folds
  • 5 - 16 pages
  • use own work as content
  • challenge the layout
  • use multiple grids

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