Thursday, 7 March 2013

Type and Grid Workshop Four.

  • headlines should be in the boldest typeface to demonstrate importance
  • drop down a weight for a subtitle
  • body copy can be set with differing type size but the same weight
  • to work effectively wit hierarchy you need to understand the information you're working with
  • you don't have to have complex hierarchies
  • if your information need separation use a second type weight or indentation etc

  • select a font
  • select a distinct character
  • make it between 200 - 500 point size on screen
  • draw a grid over the character
  • delete the letter and keep the grid
  • by hand use your grid to redraw the typeface
  • identify what makes a typeface distinct, what makes it different, how is it constructed?
  • enlarging and hand rendering will give you an appreciation of how it is constructed.]

Frankenstein type
  • pick a word from the list: bungling
  • pick three standard fonts
    • futura
    • bernard mt condensed
    • consolas
  • use pieces of each to create a new letter

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