Saturday, 9 March 2013

Parfumeur Initial Pattern Designs.

Almost instantly we decided that we wanted our pattern designs to have an abstract look that stepped away from the traditional illustrative style that is often used for perfume packaging. We also felt that the abstract look would also attract a male audience as well as female. Initially I started by using some water colour pens to do some experiments with shape and colour. I based my initial colour choices on tones that reflected our research into what colours would represent the scents.

After this I moved on to focus on the designs that I thought were the most successful and how I could link the forms with each scent. This is where we came up with the idea of having the pattern represent how each of the emotions stated effects the body. So I adapted some of my initial designs so that they linked more successfully. We then applied the colours of that emotion into the design too.

Sweet, sublime love

For this emotion set we decided to link it with 'butterflies' in your stomach. I started off with the basic repeat composition and then altered it slightly for the rest to see what would be the most effective.

Excitement and Fear

This design was inspired by the increased heartbeat people experience when they are excited or scared.

Passion and Desire

This was inspired by how people's pupils dilate when the look at someone they are attracted to.

Elegant and Dignified

The further description of this scent was 'story yet still' which these patterns represent. Starting calm on the surface but revealed to be more erratic underneath.

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