Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Parfumeur Gift Bag Creation.

The creation of the gift bag was mostly down to Tani although we did discuss what we wanted from it. It was decided that it should remain a cube shape to reflect the strong look of the wooden box. The square form also differs from the more standard rectangular format that would help the brand to stand apart. We experimented with a large selection of stocks as initially we thought that it would have to be really thick although we soon found that this thickness made the card crack when it was folded. We also looked at textured varieties but we decided that we preferred a more crisp, white finish which was thinner as it gave clean edges and a lot more professional finish. We also chose to have a circular cut out on the front that would be filled with an acetate sheet, similar to the sleeves and aimed to have a selection of four bags that would correspond with the four scents. I think the acetate cut out will work well as being able to see through will link with the wrap around the box and cement the set idea. I am really pleased that Tani was able to take on the majority of this construction as I feel the end result was a lot more successful than if I had attempted it on my own.

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