Monday, 11 March 2013

Parfumeur Further Pattern Development.

We have decided that the initial ideas that have been created for our patterns maybe aren't as successful as we first thought, as although we have followed the colour schemes to represent each emotion, these schemes do not fit together as a set because of the different tones. Also because all the patterns are different this is another aspect that makes the designs seem very different from each other.

Because of this we then decided to create a generic colour for each of the patterns to try and make them look more consistent. Although even after doing this it seemed that the patterns were still too different from each other. We also felt that the pattern didn't represent the emotion as well as the colour.

We then decided to go back and focus on our initial idea of using colour to represent each theme. We picked our favourite pattern which we liked because it was less cramped and gave the most options for cutting out sections. I then altered each so that the colours matched with our initial ideas. I feel that this now works a lot more successfully as the patterns seem a lot more consistent. I also really like the contrasting tone within each that makes it pop and adds a more funky, youthful feel.

Elegant and Dignified

Excitement and Fear

Passion and Desire

Perfect, Sublime Love

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