Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chocolate Packaging Designs.

The requirements for this brief have been very specific. Initially the first point that jumped out to me was the the clients interest in the japanese style. After researching this I found that a style of pattern that appeared a lot was this circular one, I also liked it and I thought it would be successful repeated and a variety of colours could be applied to it, another aspect that the client stated.

I decided on the pink option for my design as I felt is was appropriate for confectionary and also had a feel of luxury and quality, but for the range other colours could be used. The next step was to create a window for the product to be visible through. I started with a rectangle but I felt it looked to much like standard packaging. I then developed this to the circle as I felt it worked more cohesively with the pattern and was also more creative and interesting.

Another aspect the client stated to include was an 's' on a dark background. I decide to follow the circular theme by placing the letter inside one. I experimented with different typefaces to see what I felt worked the best. I wanted quite a contemporary look so I felt the serif option didn't fit the style I was looking for. Some options were also to bold and decorative that seemed to compete with the pattern.

I decided on the narrow, sans serif font as it complimented the rest of the design the best and I altered the size of the circle so that it fit more cohesively into the pattern and layout. I then added the allocated text, this wouldn't have been my choice but it has been stated that it needed to be included.

I finally worked on making my design into a three dimensional shape that reflected what the client wanted. I am really happy with how his went as I feel the end result looks realistic and professional. I feel that the window looks really effective and demonstrates how the package would look with and without the product inside.

I then moved on to to make the other two packages following the design choices I has made previously. I found the composition these a lot harder to complete as there was less space to use. Again I am happy with the mock ups as I feel that again the look realistic and help to put the design across in the best light.

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