Thursday, 14 March 2013

Parfumeur Label Foiling Experiments.

In order to include some processes and to add a further feel of luxury to our product it was decided that we should use the foiling technique. We were unsure whether to use a block effect or a linear version so for the experiments I tried both. Another variation we looked into was colour as we needed to see which ones would come out the best and look the most successful with the rest of the products.

After the foiling has been completed we cut out the circles and applied them to our other projects. We looked at colour, foil inversions, wood type and positioning above or below the sleeve variations. We found that taking photos and referring back was the best way to evaluate what worked best. This process took place across all the products and it was decided that the label looked a lot better underneath and with the foiled background as it was more subtle and we liked how the patterns looked over the top.

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