Thursday, 14 March 2013

Parfumeur Photoshoot.

For this brief it was important that me and Tani took some high quality photographs to use for our submission boards. Because of this we took advantage of the photography studio rather than just using a temporary set up. We booked out some lights and asked the technician to help us set them up as it was something we felt we wouldn't be able to do correctly ourselves.

We used the manual settings on the camera so it took a few attempts to get the settings right as they were often under or over exposed. Although with the workshops we had taken part in previously with photography we felt we were able to correct them quite quickly.

After the settings had been finalised we then started experimenting with placing our objects within the composition, using the light and shadow to highlight different areas of the form. We tried the objects in a number of positions in order to get a good variety that would be interesting to look at.

I feel that these images of the plastic sleeves are really interesting as with their transparent appearance how areas show through is quite strange, how the lights shines onto them adds to this effect. I especially like how when multiple ones are in the frame the colours mix together and how the forms interact create the look of an optical illusion.

Finally we experimented with macro shots to highlight the detail of our work. I think these have worked well as it gives another viewpoint for the audience to look at and also highlights the craftsmanship that has gone into it. I also like how with the close up hots it is easier to see the wood showing through the sleeves and it adds a lot of texture and interest.

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