Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chocolate Packaging Brief.

Job Type
Packaging Design

Task Outline
Create a Packaging Design

Task Description 
Our requirement for this task is the packaging design for three types of packaging.
We are looking for a consistent theme through-out the three packaging types, and with-in each package type, there should be 6 colour variations.
This range is to be:
  • very much suited to the Asian (japanese style) market.
  • FUN is very important.

Design Elements
Creation of a small 'S' inside a dark background box - this is to be used on everything.
This is BASE PACKAGING design, we will add stickers to show flavours, nutritional panels, etc, as these change often.
Six colour variations for each package type please, but with the same design elements/graphics on each.

Package Type One:
Stand up Pouch Height: 160 - 170mm Width: 100mm Depth at Base: 55mm
Package should have a window near the bottom (say 25mm from bottom or so) to show product.
For the purpose of showing your design, pick one colour and include the following information:

Product Type: TREAT BAG
Product Description: Yummy Dark Almonds
Blurb: Too good to share!

Package Type Two:
Cube Height: 80mm Width: 80mm Depth: 80mm
We are interested in some interesting ways of presenting the cube (we prefer a base with the fully enclosed lid, can provide pictures) and you can apply a die-cut shape to the side of the lid to create contrast (eg, dark base, bright lid)
For the purpose of showing your total design, please include the following information which will appear on stickers:

Product Type: TRUFFLES
Product Name: Almond & Honey
Blurb: It's hip to be square!

Package Type Three:
Tablet Length: 60mm Depth: 80mm Height: 10mm
Open to ideas as to how the box could work, but keep in mind simplicity to help keep production costs down.
A foiled tablet will be inside each tablet box, but we could have a small window and keep the bar inside wrapped in clear before going into the box.
For the purpose of showcasing your design, please include the following information:

Product Type: TABLET
Product Name: Caramel
Blurb: Happiness awaits!

This is only the beginning of the new range we are planning - we have been established for over 4 years now and this range is to modernise our offering. We anticipate quite a bit of future work around stickers/labeling/hang tags/ etc that are all consistent with the base design elements you develop.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Target Market(s)
Females aged 15 - 45, but centred around the 18 - 29 age group.

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