Monday, 11 March 2013

Parfumeur Box Creation.

Here are the initial design sheets that me and Tani drew out in order to get our heads around the structure of the box we wanted. We started off with a few different designs, looking at shape and how they could possibly fit together, but we soon settled on the cube option.

After we had decided on the shape we then looked at measurements and the size we wanted it to be. We drew out varying sizes and found that the most suitable was 11cm x 11cm. We drew out a full diagram stating the overall size, wood thickness, lining thickness and lid and base height etc. To help us visualise it further Tani created a mock-up, this gave us a really clear understanding of what needed to be created. 

After finalising all of the measurements we went down to the wood workshop where we spoke to Jonathan, who was really helpful and explained all of the things we didn't understand. We looked at a selection of wood and picked two so we could decide what looked best further down the line, these were walnut and cherry. We really liked the rich tones. After that we decided that maple would line the inside as we liked the contrast it would give. We took with us our measurements and mock-up so it was easy for Jonathan to understand what we wanted. He did ask if we wanted to create the boxes ourselves, but we decided that the quality we were after would not be possible if we were to take on the task.

We returned to the workshop a few times before the box was finished to see the progress and it was good to see it all being put together.

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