Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Responsive Final Crit.

I feel that this type was very useful as I got lots of individual points of view. I am happy that the gender audience for the design has now been cleared up and that people have responded saying how appropriate it is for the audience. My mock ups have also been taken well, which is good as I spent a long time ensuring they had a clean and professional look. It has been suggested a few times that I experiment with different colours so I think this is something I will look into.

My Feedback:
  • Designed for the selected target audience very well
  • Research into existing work is highly effective: Concept for freedom/birds is very effective
  • Could possibly experiment further, maybe different variations of colour/different patterns
  • Possibly show how designs could be displayed in context

  • Covered lots of different products, shows that the pattern can be applied to a variation of shapes
  • Can tell who the target audience is with the design and also the products chosen
  • Looked into successful pattern product design
  • Thought about stock and how pattern is applied
  • Clear design sheets
  • Maybe look into colour, see how the pattern would differ
  • Products in context, against other ranges that PC world offer

  • Very suitable for its purpose
  • Good design process for submission, maybe add context pics of the iPhone cases in use
  • Could number your boards
  • Presentation boards covered all areas that need to be discussed 

  • Maybe discuss how your approach began after your research
  • Beautiful illustrations, appeals to your audience very well
  • The overall collection is fantastic, complimentary and consistent throughout the collection
  • The brand still stood out very well against its background, effective
  • Maybe consider your context

  • The mock ups look really professional, I like the vector illustrations
  • Experiment with different patterns
  • Good colour scheme colours work well together

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