Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What is Good? Concept Workshop.

My initial list
  1. My mum cooking my tea - because it tastes better and I don't have to do it
  2. My dog - because she is always happy to see me and gives good hugs
  3. Lie ins - because I always want more sleep and it's warm and comfortable
  4. Dancing - way to keep healthy and have fun with friends
  5. Toffee ice cream - because it tastes so good, yum

Group list
  1. Home cooked meals - comfort, reminder of childhood, taste, no effort
  2. Art and design - getting inspired, thought provoking work
  3. Travel - seeing new things, new experiences, different cultures
  4. Finishing work and relaxing - relief, sense of achievement
  5. Music - sounds good, makes you feel better, entertaining
  6. Lie ins - lazy, relaxing, not caring
  7. New clothes - getting something you want, feeling good wearing it
  8. Watching a good film - escapism, emotional, relaxing past time
  9. Apple products - quality, reliable, aesthetics, new smell
  10. Tea and coffee - comfort, relief

Turning good to bad
  1. Cake and dessert - unhealthy, damage your teeth, sickly
  2. Sunshine - get sunburnt, makes you squint, get to hot and sweaty, dehydrated
  3. Live music - to loud, the band could be disappointing not as good as recorded songs, annoying crowd
  4. Clean sheets - getting an allergic reaction to the washing powder, having to wash them in the first place, starchy
  5. Cheese - smelly, could be allergic, fatty, mouldy, stringy cheese gets everywhere
  6. Films - no idea what's going on, everyone has different tastes so could be difficult to pick, not productive
  7. Making people laugh - could be an inappropriate moment, laughing at you not with you
  8. Playing instruments - expensive, listening to someone who can't play is annoying
  9. Adventure - dangerous, tiring, getting lost, stressful
  10. Learning something new - could take forever, frustrating, time consuming

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