Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What is Good? Branding Workshop.

Things to consider with branding:
  • target audience
  • communicate an identity
  • colour
  • typeface
  • scale
  • image

Things to consider with print material:
  • target audience
  • context
    • where
    • how people interact
  • stock
  • special production methods
    • foiling
    • embossing
    • laser cutting
    • etc

Product Analysis

Magazine : Hypebeast
  • Glossy stock.
  • Audience can intereact with the photography and the image.
  • Would find it in high end fashion shops.

Clothing Tag 
  • Been die cut.
  • Would be found in clothes stores 
  • Stock is a heavy card. Some gloss used too.
  • Audience will interact by looking at price and information about this product.

Oasis Tag
  • Been die cut
  • Made from a durable stock so is hard wearing, won't fit easily.
  • Stock is also quite glossy, possible been laminated.

Shoe box for Oasics
  • Hard stock so it is hard wearing.
  • Easily can be transported.
  • Easy to open and use contents inside.
  • Most importantly its cheap and reusable. 
  • Its venerable.
  • Box has been die cut and die stamped.

Chanel Business Card
  • Card has been embossed.
  • Printed on a nice textured, thick stock.
  • Audience will be high end successful people. 
  • Conventional shape to fit in pocket, wallet etc
  • Would be found at fashion shows ect.
  • Easy to store

Top Shop Makeup Flyer
  • Audience, female and trendy, people interested in fashion.
  • High street.
  • Would be found in store or in a magazine.
  • Student pack, freshers fair. 
  • You can read it, take advice from it, put it on your wall. 
  • Cheap stock Process put it has got foiling. 

Richard James Invitation 
  • Very thick stock, makes it seem expensive and professional.
  • Been printed with a stock colour
  • Text had been de-bossed slightly.

Topshop handout/ Promotional 
  • For customers and a young female audience 
  • Would be found in store, freshers fairs.
  • Dj Sets.
  • Could be found through the post. 
  • Read it to find out about what it is selling.
  • Pin it up on your wall. 
  • Stock is a nice grainy cheap card. 
  • It has been foiled, and die cut. 

Label for jeans 
  • Found on the item, found in Topshop.
  • People read it to find out size and cleaning instructions
  • Stock is a transparent, fabric that is sturdy and not likely to break. 
  • It has also been stitched.
  • We all agree it has been printed very cheaply. 

Label for Moto
  • Found on products from Moto.
  • Stock is a off white card, sturdy, not likely to rip or break. 

Jewellery Packaging
  • Found in store and can be posted.
  • Easy to open. 
  • Can be de-constructed.
  • Stock is a textured, thick card.
  • Net seem quite complicated.
  • Easily opened to get to whats inside. 
  • Been die cut, stamped and sticked.

Card Holder
  • Found in people housed, on a desk 
  • Found in card shops and craft fairs, exhibitions.
  • People interact by placing their card on it.
  • Fun and playful product.
  • Stock is a strong card so it can stand up and support cards
  • Stock looks foiled but is just a glossy card.
  • Has been die cut.

  • Find it in a book shop, in your home, in a office, in a deign studio.
  • People read it and can rip pages out to stick up.
  • Can be scanned in.
  • A lot of imagery through out the book so an easy read and can be easily understood.
  • The front has been embossed.
  • The book has been perfectly bound with glue.

Post Card Holder
  • Would be found in craft shops. 
  • Flat so can be easily stored and transported. 
  • Can be interacted by being opened and closed. Cards can be easily stored.
  • Stock is a simple card, looks very similar to card board.
  • Gives the idea it is environmentally friendly. 

A4 Folder
  • Found in stationary shop, offices, schools, studios.
  • Good for organisation of documents.
  • Easy to carry and store. 
  • Stock is a simple brown card. Very durable, not likely to damage easily.
  • Spot Varnish. Die cut. Flat Pack.

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