Sunday, 17 February 2013

What is Good? Branding Task.

Bali Nusa Dua Theatre

This logo takes strong inspiration from the temple architecture of Bali that is something I would like to focus on myself. The typeface also bears a strong link to the type used in the area, with the serifs and high stroke contrast. It also has a very traditional appearance and high class which could link with the act of going to the theatre. The golden colour is also something that is used a great deal within the culture.

Bali Home Paradise

This logo also has links with the architecture of Bali, but with more of the home scene rather than the temple, as stated within the name of the company. The main type also goes up in steps which could link with the steps going up to the home that all balinese houses have. It could also link with stepping up the quality to being the number one.

Bali Agung Wedding

This is another logo that uses the golden colour within in, giving a look of quality and luxury. I really like the decorative element the mirrors the decorative element of balinese design. Whereas gold can sometimes appear tacky within our culture, with the balinese people it used to show the items of worth and importance within our lives. Temples will be decorated with gold to show praise to the Gods.

Bali Sunset Club

This example focuses strongly on the modern and less traditional aspect of bali. The beach culture has been highlighted strongly with the use of photographic and illustrative imagery. This style of design isn't specific to Bali and can be used for a large selection of beach locations.

Bird Life International

This piece takes a very different approach to the rest, looking at the wildlife of Bali. The design aspect of the area hasn't been considered and focuses solely on the animals living in the area.

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