Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What is Good? Binding Task.

I have chosen to look into binding techniques as I am interested in creating a publication for this project. I have looked into more traditional methods and also more contemporary ideas. I have also looked at ways where I may be able to do the binding myself, rather than having to get it done by a professional.

Blizzard book

The blizzard book is a structure devised by the american book artist Hedi Kyle. It's a multi-pocket structure made of one piece of paper, folded, very much like an origami. These next images show the different steps in the folding of a very narrow one, designed to host double pages, thus forming a kind of album. The marvellous world of folding.

Stock: japanese paper, tyvek, any paper which takes a good fold

Cost: cheap, only cost of paper


How it could be reproduced: with large sheets of paper within the studio

Time: probably a long time because I don't have skills in this area

Concertina book

The pages and the cover of this album are made out of the same black cartridge paper. The cover is made in (almost) a single piece of paper. Process diagrams show sections sewn into the valleys and the mountains.

Stock: cartridge paper

Cost: cheap, cost of paper


How it could be reproduced: With paper in the studio, and also a needle and thread

Time: a long time because I don't have the skills

Accordion book

Stock: two pieces of mount board, one long piece of landscape paper

Cost: cheap, just coast of paper and mount board

Process: fold the long piece of paper in a concertina style so the folds are equal, stick the two pieces of mount board on either end

How it could be reproduced: with paper and mount board in the studio

Time: pretty fast because it seems a simple process

Japanese stab binding

This technique is ideal for binding single sheets of paper in soft covers and can be used for diaries, class notes, phone messages, recipes, and school or business reports.

Stock: most types of papers-handmade, commercial or tracing papers, even acetate can be used for Japanese stab binding. If the book will contain writing, the paper must be smooth. Inexpensive photocopy paper is also fine for text pages, and has the added benefit of being readily available and cut to a standard size. Although the cover for this binding is always soft, it can be single sheets of heavy card-weight paper, single sheets with a turned-in flap, or sheets doubled over. The cover also can be one piece that wraps around the spine to give the pages more protection. 

Cost: cheap, price of stock and thread


How it could be reproduced: I think I could do a lot of this process on my own although I would need help it punching the holes. If I was to practice this in the studio I could try a thinner option and just use a whole punch.

Time: I think this process could take a while as it is something I have never done before

Binding screws

Used for binding loose sheets, pillar and post screws are used to secure the printed document. Commonly used for product swatches, photo albums, bespoke brochures etc. Binding Screws are a print finishing process (after printing).

Stock: page sheets and cover

Cost: cost of stock and screws

Process: The pages are gathered in order, drilled, and the pillars and posts are inserted until they meet - they are secure by screwing the pillar and post together.

How it could be reproduced: I think this is a process that I definitely couldn't do on my own within the studio

Time: I think this will be quite a long process.

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