Sunday, 4 March 2012

Communication Is A Virus Coffee Sleeve Experiments.

Today I started work on creating the designs for our coffee sleeves. I started by creating the lines from the drawings and then sending it to Beth so she could add the colour. I think the development through is good and I like how the quality of the sketch has been retained.

I then took my template and arranged the imagery inside. I am really happy with the choice of adding the circular protrusion as it fits well. There was slight confusion with what was correct for the two colour constriction, but we decided that ours would be fine as it was the same colour just at different levels of opacity. I added a border which frames the composition well.

Text experimentation was next, I sampled a few and as a group we decided that we preferred the uppercase options better. The final choice was 'Mench', I like the thin stroke width and linear appearance as I think those qualities work well with the illustrations.

As a final alteration I removed some of the lines from the image as when I shrunk it down it became cramped and to dark. 

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