Friday, 9 March 2012

Communication Is A Virus Final Photos.

These are the final collection of coasters, I think they work successfully as a set. 

I am really happy with the overall appearance of our calendar. The green tone looks great with the brown box and it also links with the coffee cups that we used before. I believe it would look really nice on someones desk. I think the concept of having the roll inside works well and is an interesting idea.

On the left is a printout showing a sample of the roll inside the calendar. We had to reprint it after this one as we realised that when we put it inside the box each of the boxes were upside-down. On the right is our large scale a2 poster.

Here are the final printed leaflets, I am really happy that we chose to make them double sided as I think it finishes the off really well. I also like how it makes them link even more with the other products we have created.

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