Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Communication Is A Virus Poster Design.

These are some poster designs that I have been putting together. I started quite simply by just using the original logo and campaign title. I also added a caption to help put it in context. Although I like how this design is quite to the point I think it can be pushed further.

I have now moved on the design by experimenting with the layout and the elements within the composition. I like the non horizontal text, I think I may try some other ideas like this.

I like how this arrangement exaggerates the circular shape of the logo without being distracting.

Here are my experimentations with lower opacity and incorporating the website logo.

I have now recreated the logo myself using Illustrator. It now matches better with the colour scheme and Beth's illustration style that we have already used.

Finally I added this scannable barcode instead of a web address. I think it makes the design more current and accessible to the audience.

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