Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Stamp It Final Designs.

Here are my final designs and cover ideas. I am really proud of them as I feel I have pushed myself to create them. I like how the designs have clearly developed from my initial drawings that I did by hand. I also feel the environments work well with the creatures to add another level to the composition, this was something I nearly didn't do but I am glad that I persevered with it. Also although each stamp has a different theme of colour each one compliments the rest to give an aesthetically pleasing set. My favourite would have to be the frog as I think with the additional lily pads he has a lot of character. My least favourite is the 'fading away' piece as although I feel it is necessary to link the stamps together and give the message is the less exciting and attractive of the group.

With my cover booklet and I like how all of the animals have been incorporated into the composition together so they can all be viewed. I also think it gives a sense of unity between the characters in their fight against saving their habitat. A short description has also been added to give the audience a further insight into the cause.

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