Sunday, 4 March 2012

Communication Is A Virus Creating Template.

I have decided to create my own template for our sleeve, as the one I got from the internet did not fit our cup correctly. At first I wasn't sure how to go about it as I didn't know how to calcite the exact curves. I found out that outer layer peeled off which was a good starting point.

I then took my scan over to Illustrator and traced the outline. I didn't want our sleeve to be as tall so I edited it to be smaller while still retaining the original form.

After printing it off I was pleased to find that it fit correctly. Around the back it was slightly wonky but I think this was because of my incorrect cutting.

To develop it further I tried to add an additional shape to the outline to add an interesting look. I used guides to help get it central and I also had to consider the height of the ark so it didn't protrude or come to close to the top of the cup.

I think this template has worked really successfully and adds another level to the design. At a later date I may develop it further to work with other aspects of the composition.

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