Monday, 12 March 2012

What Is A Line? Pattern Experiments.

These are my pattern experiments that I have been working on. I have taken each initial illustration that I drew and manipulated it to create an alternative appearance. I am trying to portray how stripes appear when they are being viewed by animals to make confusing, optical illusion style.

This first animal I started with was the zebra, I really like how the long shape fits with each of the separate tiles. I think this was the most successful starting point as I think all three options would be suitable for use. I have chosen this particular one because I think it is the most unrecognisable from the selection but still hints to the original animal, I also like how it can look like the head or an aerial view of a group of zebras backs adding to the confusion.

Here are my tiger experiments, I found it harder with this shape to fit them together into a composition, so it took a lot more playing around. I decided that I didn't like the circular option as the tiger face was already and in order to fit the pieces together horizontally with no white space meant they had to overlapped. This is where I developed to layout and drew additional stripes to fill the gaps, I really like this end result especially with the thicker lines/

I then moved on to the racoon where I immediately discarded the body and focussed solely on the striped tail. With my first experiment I think it looks interesting how the overlay of the image has created a new linear pattern. Although I moved onto to follow a more recognised optical illusion pattern I think this works really well especially when duplicated a few times like in the final image.

With my bird designs I found that they all came out quite similar, I think this is because with the flat edge it was quite limited with how they could be placed to create a whole shape. Even though I think the end result has been successful, I like it because it has made a pattern that is very different and original to the rest and from a distance the birds become more hidden as you focus on the shape.

I really like all of these butterfly designs and I think they are all very varied in their look because the initial illustration was versatile. Even though I have chosen the circle option as the final choice because I think it will look successful on an even larger scale, I may also use the wing repetition as find the pattern really aesthetically pleasing.

Finally I designed my fish patterns and when looking at them I instantly knew which one I like best. I think this is because the first two options look like what you would already expect of fish, swimming in a group. I tried to make it look a little different by extending the fins but in the end I preferred the diamond shape that has been made and I also think how the different lines lead the eye in different directions is interesting.

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