Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Communication Is A Virus Sleeves In The Environment.

We have recently put our coffee sleeves out into the immediate environment around the college. We chose this specific cafe as we felt it really fit with our target audience and that they had similar interests to us. Especially when looking at the boards outside that read similar quotes to what we were finding nearer the start of the project.

It was quite difficult to take photos but we did manage to get a few inside and outside of the cafe. One main reason was that not many take out coffee's were ordered as most customers favoured to sit down inside. Maybe if we were to do this again we could target a place which deals mostly with customers that buy and takeaway the products.

Although getting photo's was a problem we did get some feedback from customers that we spoke too...

“I come in here everyday and it’s nice to see a change in the cups. It really brightened up my morning.”

“It would be nice to see something like this more often.”

“Really cute! Very quirky.”

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