Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Stamp It Cover Designs.

I have now started the process of designing my cover for my stamp collection. I initially started with the basic layout which included incorporating my three characters and the number and class of stamp inside. I then set about creating and environment for them similarly to how I did with my stamps and then arranged the animals within that to give a more dynamic composition. Next I added more content to fill the layout and relate the cover even more with the stamps and also experimented with different colour type options.

I am really happy with this final design, I have altered the opacity slightly from before on the backdrop to make it more subtle and allow the characters to stand out further. I like how they extend past the edges of the border which will allow the design to continue across the the other side.

This is the back of the cover, which I started by filling some of the empty space which had to be altered in order to fit in the necessary information. Like the type on the title and text which I experimented with to get the right balance in the layout. When selecting the text I had a big piece to choose from so I tried to select the most important point to share.

This is the final outcome which I I kept more simple than the front in order for the focus to be on the information so that it doesn't get missed between a lot of imagery.

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