Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Exhibition Brief Concept Crit.


  • The kaleidoscope idea works really well and is definitely eye catching. Would it be a simple vector illustration? or would adding in gradient features and opacities make it look like a real kaleidoscope?

  • Kaleidoscope is your strongest concept. The design based around the ever changing exhibition works well. The geometric shapes are strong and eye catching, especially the bold, bright colours.

  • Kaleidoscope is a really strong concept, bright colours will liven up the corridors and it expresses the fun design element within this design competition.

  • The kaleidoscope idea has strong memorable visuals which matches the concept of the exhibition and the bright colours work. How about vinyl cut out? Shiny and bold.

  • Kaleidoscope is the best concept, using bright colours within the pattern will make it stand out. I like the tag line too.

From this feedback it is clear that the preferred concept is the kaleidoscope one. Everyone seemed to like the idea of using bright colours to help the poster stand out and also to liven up the exhibition space. It also seems to be quite a unique idea so hopefully that will make it memorable.

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