Monday, 13 May 2013

What is Good? Embossing Attempt Two.

Because my first attempt at embossing went pretty badly I have decided to try it again but make a few adjustments that I had learnt from the first process. To start with I cut my stencils out of mount board not mdf so that it could fit through the appropriate press. I also bought some handmade paper as it is slightly thicker and more pliable so the embossing has a greater effect. The initial process was very similar I soaked the paper and placed it within dry sheets to soak up the excess.

 I then started layering up everything onto the press in the same order as before: newsprint, stencil, tissue, stock, tissue, blanket. Because with this press there was an open space it was a lot easier to organise my stencils which made things a lot easier.

Once everything was organised I turned the wheel so that it fed my design under the roll. Once I got to then end I turned the other way so that it went through twice. When I removed my design it was instantly clear that this attempt had been a lot more successful as the embossing was a lot clearer and had also been arranged a lot better.

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