Thursday, 9 May 2013

What is Good? Putting Cushions in Context.

To add my cushions to an environment that is commonly seen within home catalogues I have started these mockups. I have chosen quite neutral furniture so that the products themselves are the focus rather than the items they are on.

I started by adding the initial cushion design to the sofa and angling it as if it was resting on the side. Then to give a more realistic form, as initially it looked quite flat, I used an embossing effect and also a drop shadow so that it interacted more with the sofa and had a three dimensional appearance.

To complete the mock up I added in the supporting cushions and arranged them realistically within the composition. I added the same effects so that the appearance was consistent. I also experimented with scale to see what would be the most successful. I then took the same approach and using different patterns applied it to other furniture items.

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