Sunday, 12 May 2013

What is Good? Catalogue Development.

I have decided to re-work my catalogue design as I felt that the previous experiments weren't going in the direction that I wanted. I have replaced the imagery with my new illustrations and I am hoping that this will work a lot better.

I started by trying to arrange the two main parts of the composition that is the image and the print title. Initially I started off with the type being very large and bold but I think it is too overpowering and grabs   a lot of attention. I then decided to use a similar style to the logo I had created, this way it ties in with the brand and works on a smaller scale.

To add more depth to the composition I have started to add new aspects and props, as I found that this is a very common technique within catalogues. I feel that the lamp fits well with the colour scheme and helps to bring life and a sense of an environment. I felt that the layout was still to full of white so to add interest I have experimented with incorporating the large scale pattern. I have looked into a variation of placements, but I feel the most successful is the block at the far left of the page as it adds a break to the white space.

I then moved on to add this style onto a new pattern and imagery, but I felt that this didn't go as smoothly and after a lot of experimenting and rearranging I still couldn't achieve the look I was after as the components didn't balance together. I then rethought again and opted with an even simpler design of using the photo's I had taken of my wallpaper samples. I think the close up shot is really interesting and introduces the print well. I think the use of white space around the type is also very effective. This style of design repeated will also give a look of continuity throughout the catalogue.

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