Sunday, 12 May 2013

What is Good? Creating Illustrations.

I have decided to re-work how my product will be put into context. Although I felt that the photograph versions looked realistic when I added them into my catalogue I feel that they looked dated and didn't have the modern and contemporary feel I was going for. This is why I have come up with the idea of creating simple, linear illustrations that will do the same job but in a more fresh and clean way.

With the sofa I started by picking one with a modernist look that would have a simple appearance that wouldn't distract from the cushions themselves as I want them to be the focal point of the composition. I applied the products from the previous experiment and incorporated them similarly in this design. I looked at varying the darkness of the line used in the illustration as initially I felt it was to heavy. The three dimensional effects were also removed to see what it would look like. I feel it adds to the illustrative look.

I moved on to look at a different style of sofa, that allowed the products to be arranged in a different way and also gave another style perspective for the audience. I experimented with adding three dimensional effects but this time a lot more subtly, which I think is more effective. Scale was also looked at which allowed more products to be added, although I feel that this looks to cluttered and distracting. I have also looked at adding the pattern to the supporting stool, because of the way the print has been applied I think it lent itself more to the illustrative look, so I removed the 3d effects on the cushions.

I have now moved on to experiment with my crockery designs and have created a simple knife and fork illustration. I looked at two different styles and feel that the straight, clean option will be most appropriate. The plates were next to be added and I initially laid the dish on top and added a shadow to increase the perception of its position. I also experimented with it being on the side and having the knife and fork laying on top. I did an option where they were filled in white but I prefer the transparent option better as I don't like the block colour.

I then tried to incorporate the other crockery items into another composition, although I feel that this set up is a lot less successful as it doesn't appear real and the situation seems forced.

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