Thursday, 2 May 2013

What is Good? Logo Design.

I have now started to brand my homeware collection with the name I have chosen 'Kubu'. From my research into Balinese related design it became apparent that serif typefaces were very popular, I think this is because it gives a very traditional look that relates to the steeped history of the island. So I started by gathering together a selection of typefaces that could be used. After all I felt that 'Georgia' was the most successful as it was simple and authentic. I felt some appeared too modern and others were overly decorative that could be distracting.

After choosing the font I was going to use I started to include other text aspects and incorporating them to create a design. I decided that this would be better sans serif as it helped with the type hierarchy and ensured 'kubu' was still the highlight. I felt out of these two options the font with the thicker stroke width worked better.

I then started developing the design so that it incorporated aspects from my pattern designs to tie it in further with the Balinese theme. I started by using the dots which was a subtle, yet successful addition. It also highlighted the form of the type. To take this a step further I took a small section that represented my take on Balinese architecture and applied it to the letters. I felt that this gave a look that the audience could instantly relate to that would set it apart fro other brands.

Finally I experimented with a different placement of the supporting type to fit with the new structure, although after a few variations I felt that all in all it was unnecessary and I removed it all together.

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