Friday, 17 May 2013

What is Good? Fabric Printing.

Recenty me, Emily and Beth booked an evening slot to print some designs on fabric. As we had never done it before we were unsure of the process and how successful the end results would look. We started by Emily adding bulldog clips along the bottom of the fabric to create tension so that when the image printed it would be crisp and not blurry. Our images were then arranged on a computer so that there was minimal waste.

Once this was sorted it was then sent through to print, it was a very long process but we were happy with how clear the images were and how accurate the colours were. Once the fabric got a certain way through we had to ensure that the bulldog clips didn't get caught and rest on a metal bar as it would effect the tension. Once it had finished and we were really happy with the end result we left it with Andy to be steamed.

We collected the fabric the next day and I took it home to wash it. I put it in my bath and followed the instructions we had been given, starting with 5 minutes cold water, 2 minutes hot and then back to 5 minutes cold. Initially we wondered if it was really necessary to wash it, but once I started it became clear that it was. A slimy residue came out of the fabric and the water was changed to a yellowy colour. Once the washing process was complete I left it to dry naturally.

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